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About us

We are the R&D guys

At 1byZeroLabs, we are passionate about technology and look forward to craft the best experiences. We have all worked on some exciting and innovative products. With our experience we bridge hardware and software to deliver the best possible solutions from our arsenal. If you have your idea, and have part of your funds in place but do not know how to go about with it, come to us. We have a well established team from various engineering backgrounds (Electrical, Computer science, Mechanical and Aeronautical too) to provide full scale solutions and R&D services. We save you time required to have a base prototype which will define your product henceforth, making it easier to launch and in the process build a team.

  • Vision - To give you a single platform for tech solutions.
  • R&D - We take care of all the needed technical innovation in your product.

The process

We follow a general approach to product development.

  • Ideation

    You form the idea. We will help in fine-tuning the technical aspects. We will sit with you and formulate a list of features/requirements.

  • Research&Development

    The fun phase. Depending on the scope of work we will do our research and start development. Research based projects will be accompanied with reports and documentaion.

  • Prototype ( MVP )

    First working prototype is born. Once you are happy with the prototype, we will begin development for a polished product.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Want your own in-house team? We will help in knowledge transfer of our development to your team!

  • Collaboration.

    We are happy to collaborate and manage technological developments for you. Let us push the boundaries!

Meet our team

Why us ?


Microcontroller, sensor module, you name it!


Need a robot for a specific application? Lets build one!


Internet of Things.We love it. We can build smart systems connected and talking to each other in real time over the internet!

Mobile Apps

Customized Android App development!

3D Modelling

Mechanical design for any product. We make sure that your products meet the aesthetic requirements for the market

Web design

Customized web developement front. We can include interesting web tools like your own internal video streaming and conferencing clients!

Technologies we work on

Let's build something great.